Deposit protection scheme

  1. It is imperative that where a deposit is paid to a landlord by a tenant or a third party of the tenant’s behalf, the landlord must comply with his/her statutory obligations. Failure to do so can result in a financial claim being made against the landlord by the tenant.
  2. If the landlord is found to have failed to comply with his/her statutory obligations then the court can award that the landlord pay up to 4 times the deposit amount to the tenant.
  3. To calculate what a landlord may potentially be ordered to pay the tenant should they fail to comply with their obligations enter the deposit amount in the calculator below.
  4. Please be aware, the court’s are very robust on this issue.

Deposit protection scheme compensation calculator

Please enter the deposit amount paid to the landlord

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    * This calculator is meant as a guide only and individual circumstances can effect compensation amount. Contact us to discuss details of your case.