Taking back possession of your residential property – The Section 8 Procedure

Landlords and agents regularly ask how they can recover possession of a property let to a tenant under an assured shorthold tenancy that is still within its fixed term. It is usually the case [...]


Entering into an assured shorthold tenancy

What information does a landlord need to give a tenant at the outset of an assured shorthold tenancy? When renting out your property and entering into an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, your [...]


Can landlords recover costs for breach of tenancy?

Can landlords recover costs when a tenant is in breach of the tenancy? One of the most common questions asked by landlords is “can I recover my legal fees from the tenant?” Quite rightly, a [...]


My tenant is in arrears. What can I do?

When a tenant is in arrears it can put added pressure on a landlord’s financial position. With rent forming part or all of a landlord’s income, the prospect of not receiving any rent can be [...]

The Budget June 2015 – What does this mean for Landlords and Tenants?

There is a common misconception that buy-to-let landlords have it easy and tenants have it tough. With tenants gaining more and more rights and it becoming increasingly difficult for landlords to [...]