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Landlord Disputes

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Landlord disputes offer dedicated legal advice for landlords and letting agents based in England and Wales. 

As the rental sector continues to flourish, landlords and letting agents are faced with a variety of challenges and landlord disputes, from difficult tenants to changes in legislation. With tenants becoming more savvy and litigation growing it is imperative for landlords and letting agents to keep their affairs in order and to keep abreast of the law.

Dealing with landlord disputes

Legal advice for commercial and residential landlords

Legal advice for commercial and residential landlords

Whether you are currently managing a portfolio of properties or own a single buy-to-let house, you will, from time to time, encounter legal problems that need specialist advice. What, on the face of it, might seem like a minor dispute, can quickly evolve into a major issue if the right steps are not taken. With this in mind, taking advice at the outset could save time and money later on.

We offer legal advice for landlords and letting agents to assist you in managing your rental portfolio and your clients in an economical and professional manner. We look to provide you with solutions appropriate to the situation you may find yourself in and we will help to protect your interests, enabling you to focus on growing and/or managing your property interests and business.

It is an unfortunate fact that property owners and agents will face disputes at some point. These disputes can arise from many different circumstances and can be in relation to a number of different issues. In the event that you find yourself in this situation, legal advice can provide a swift and effective resolution to ensure that you remain in control and on track.

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We specialise in tackling difficult property landlord disputes including; rent arrears, dilapidation claims and tenant evictions.

We are happy to chat informally about how we can assist with your dispute.

Landlord blog

Please check our regular landlord blog for important legislation updates plus landlord disputes tips and advice.

Our commercial approach

Our team – led by Mark Fagan, understand the pressures landlords operate under. With personal experience in the rental sector, Mark tailor’s his advice to the needs of each landlord and agent in an economical and clear manner.


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Taking the correct advice in a matter early on can prevent a potential dispute from becoming a costly matter. To discuss matters contact Mark Fagan on 0113 320 5000 or maf@winstonsolicitors.co.uk or complete our contact form.

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We can advise you on any of the above and on any property landlord dispute problem in general.  If you require advice then please contact Mark Fagan on 0113 320 5000 or by completing our contact form.